James Duerr - Independent For Congress

James Duerr – Independent For Congress

Can An Independent Win A Texas Congressional Campaign?

Despite Mainstream Media, James Duerr Fights To Prove It Can Be Done

James Duerr doesn’t mind working hard. He’s proven that in this Congressional campaign against a lot of odds.

He fought to get enough signatures to get on the ballot as an Independent. Now he’s fighting for votes and for a little notice from the news media, which is more interested in trying to cover Democrat and Republican infighting than the fight for well deserved recognition.

Duerr is used to close races, and he thinks this could be a close race between himself, Republican Michael Cloud and Democrat Eric Holguin. Libertarian Daniel Tinus is also in the race. Back in 2010, Duerr lost the Republican runoff for Congress in District 27 to Blake Farenthold by just 246 votes, after leading Farenthold in the four-person primary race by 447 votes.

It’s been easy to find out about Cloud and Holguin because the mainstream media only plays to their tune, mostly ignoring the races of Duerr and Tinus. But Duerr just keeps campaigning, gaining one vote at a time and hoping that that great group in the middle of every election swings his way. 

To make it easier for people to know Duerr, South Texas Politics decided to publish this interview called PROFILES IN COURAGE by The Independent, a printed publication for Independent thinkers, and give Duerr some of the coverage that he’s not getting in the Caller-Times or the Victoria Advocate, which refused to include Duerr or Tinus in a recent debate and tries to make voters think only choices are either a liberal Democrat or a right wing Republican.

The interview in the Independent newslatter was called PROFILES IN COURAGE, which given the Advocate’s and Caller Times’ decision to ignore the other two candidates may certainly be an appropriate title. Read it and go ahead and make up your mind on which candidate represents your views:

Independent, a newsletter for Texas Independent voters PROFILES IN COURAGE is a column in The Independent that provides a question and answer interview with political candidates and other residents who are making a difference in people’s lives. Our interview today is with James Duerr, an Independent candidate for Congress in District 27 who is trying to get people to work together and stop all the partisan bickering.

Question: Mr Duerr, can you tell us a little about what makes you qualified to be our next Congressman.

Answer: Well, it’s not an overnight process to prepare yourself for a leadership position for our great Nation. I guess it starts with my Christian values in my childhood. I grew up with normal family responsibilities such as mowing the yard, cleaning your room, taking care of the dogs, just a basic understanding that we all have responsibilibilitiesties as a member of a family.

But if I can name one of the early experiences that shaped my life, it would be the Scouting Program. I was a Cub Scout, Webelos and Boy Scout, where I reached the rank of Eagle Scout and Junior Assistant Scoutmaster. Being an Eagle Scout taught me early in life how to be a leader.

Instead of boring you with details, let me list them for you:

— City of Corpus Christi Citizens for Persons with Disabilities

— Board Member Volunteer Center of the Coastal Bend

James Duerr, front left, was an Eagle Scout in Corpus Christi– Leadership Corpus Christi Class 34

— President Leadership Corpus Christi Alumni Association

— Citizen Police Academy

— Citizen University – City of Corpus Christi

— Board Member Nueces County Appraisal District (I’m the Tax Payer’s Friend)

— Board of Regent Del Mar College

— Rotarian

— Ocean Engineer B.S. – Texas A&M University – College StationI also was born and raised in Corpus Christi, been married for 33 years and raised both of my children through completion of High School in Corpus Christi, so I know the people, culture and needs of the community.

Question: Mr. Duerr what is your reason for running for District 27?

Answer: Washington has become so politically divided that our current US Representatives put Party ahead of Country. As Americans, we need to work together and that is why I am running to provide common sense leadership to address the issues from a factual direction rather than an ideology direction.

This translates to solving problems and includes even the four letter word in congress, COMPROMISE. (I’m an Aggie don’t count letters too well) We must work together as Americans not as Democrats or Republicans. For example, the 2018 Federal Budget, everyone caved in and let both sides have their cake and icing as well. This should have been a serious discussion and compromise should have played a part.

There is $1.3 TRILLION in the 2018 budget. Not only did it not decrease obvious areas that we should have cut, it actually increased spending in multiple areas that common sense tells us that we should had negotiated for budget cuts. The actions of both Democrats and Republicans approving a $1.3 Trillion Budget harms our nation’s ability to service our national debt and does a disservice to our children that will inherent this tragedy.

I’m a leader that demands fiscal responsibility, and I promise I will achieve a balanced budget when I am elected as your congressman.

Question: Mr Duerr You mentioned that you are a leader in areas of fiscal responsibility, but do you have any experience in making those tough choices and standing up against the majority.

Answer: It’s interesting that you mention that, In fact was solely responsible for the largest ever property tax refund in Nueces County History. Let me explain. I was appointed to the Nueces County Appraisal District to be the representative for the Corpus Christi Independent School District. The entire Board, except me, wanted to sell the existing building in Downtown Corpus Christi and build a new Appraisal Building on a “developer’s site” on the outskirts of Corpus Christi. I fought and won this major battle for the taxpayers of Nueces County.

After I, single handedly, stopped the vote to sell the existing building, and our Nueces County Judge Loyd Neal agreed that what I was doing was correct. The total amount of the savings was estimated easily over $12 million dollars and a hard cash refund back to the Community of around $2.4 million dollars.

This property tax refund would have never happened, if I did not STAND UP , one representative against seven, so yes; I have been challenged and I do have a backbone and I will fight and win for America as I did for Nueces County.

Question: Mr. Duerr, being the sole Nueces County Appraisal Board Member to stand up fiscal responsibility is impressive, and the largest property tax refund is quite impressive, but we need Congressmen that will work together not further divide our Country.

Answer: I’m glad that you asked that. I do have the skills to work together and and create solutions. For example: I was elected to the Board of Regents for Del Mar College. Del Mar Board is a non partisan board, so we had conservatives, liberals and moderates elected to the Board. We did not always vote the same but we all worked together in the best interest of the students, teachers and the overall well being of Del Mar College. So yes, we did not always vote together, but we respected each of the other Board Members and we kept a focus on why we were elected, to serve, not fight all the time. So I will fight if I need to, as I did on the Appraisal District, but I will strive to work together for the common good of our Country as I did as a Board of Regent for Del Mar College.

By the way, I am lifetime friends with all the other board members, teaching staff, president and administration because of my skills and ability to work together.

Question: Mr Duerr, what are your goals for congress?

Answer: My focus is on Term Limits and a Balanced Budget.

We set term limits for the President of the United States, why wouldn’t we have term limits for Congress. We need fresh ideas, we do not need lifetime politicians who grow rich and aloof from the citizens who elected them. Because of the “Friendly Incumbent” policy, most, if not almost all organizations (such as Realtor PACs) only give money to the person in office. This makes an unfair advantage for the sitting Congressman. I do not see this practice ending, so we must have term limits to force politicians from being insulated from the common voters.

In addition to Term Limits we must modify the length of the U.S. Representative term from 2 to 4 years. We send Congressman to Washington for two year terms and they are back campaigning in the districts after only a year of true service. We need four year terms for the House of Representatives to help keep special interest money away, as much as possible, and increasing the length of term will allow U.S. Representatives to focus on their jobs, not raising money for elections.

On my goal for a U.S. Balanced Budget.

We also all have to manage our household budgets, to not only be balanced, but save for college, vacations and retirement. The State of Texas has a balanced budget and not only do they adhere to that, they also save money in a rainy day fund which is now $10 Billion.

If the State of Texas and you and I can live within our means, we must force the U.S. Government to do the same or we risk an intolerable debt for our children.

Question: Speaking of our children, what are your plans for an educated workforce when elected to U.S. Congress.

Answer: The Democrat and Republican Candidates have no record of public service on school boards, or any other boards other than where they served on their Political Party. I do not consider their service for their party as true community public service.

I am the only Candidate who has spent time and money to work for the education of our children. You can’t just talk that you want to improve education, you must have action. How can you have a passion to fix our educational complexes if you have never rolled up your sleeves and worked on it?

From my personal experience as a Board Member of Del Mar College, it is clear to me that we must give students a choice, two year trade school or four year traditional college. One is not better than the other, it is the choice of the student. But, keep in mind that the cost of trade school is about a third of traditional four year college, and therefore, less debt. And even though trade school starts out approximately $11,000 less per year, the trade school student starts making money two years before, has less college debt and are more like to get a job right out of trade school because of the high demand for trades, especially here in District 27.

We desperately need medical professionals, AC technicians, process engineers and many other professions to support our medical and industrial complexes in Texas. So let’s “educate” our society on the dual track system to the benefit of our workforce.

Question: Thank you Mr. Duerr for your responses, do you have any closing statements that you would like to tell the readers?

Answer: Yes, in fact I do. I was appalled by how our camping finance system has failed the voters of District 27. Did you know that Michael Cloud, our current temporary Congressman, was elected not by the support of District 27 Citizens, but by Club for Growth, a Washington Super PAC (Political Action Committee).

That Washington Super PAC influenced our local election with $615,000 of PAC money and additional PAC Member donations of $62,000 for a total of $677,000 spent in a negative, dirty, last minute effort to destroy their opponent. In addition, I have been told by Bech Bruun campaign insiders, that the actual figure is closer to $750,000.

$750,000 is an overwhelming amount of money spent by Washington self interest to put their candidate in office against the wishes of District 27 voters. Bech Bruun, Cloud’s Republican challenger had the lead in the primary election, but lost in the runoff directly because of the money spent by a Washington Super PAC.

I will win this election. And in Congress, I will fight against the Washington Super PACs to ensure fair elections and prevent Washington from changing the will of the people, ever again in District 27. Thank you for getting the truth out about this election. God Bless Texas and God Bless the United States of America.




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